Alexander  Ksendzov
1954 - born in the village of Barovye, Minsk region, /Belarus/
1965 - 1972 - studies at Republican school of Music and Arts, Minsk, /Belarus/. 
1972 - 1978 - studies at Belarusian Academy of Art, Department of Monumental and Decorative Painting, Minsk, Belarus.
1980 - 1984 - post-graduate studies at the Academy of Arts , Minsk, /Belarus/ 
1986 - member of  the Belarusian Artists’ Union  
1988 - awarded the 1- st  Degree Diploma of  the Belarusian  Artists’ Union for the Participation of  the exhibition  “ The Youth of  the  Republic “, /Belarus/   
1994 - works as a Senior  instructor of  the  Department  of  Painting of Belarusian  Academy  of  Arts, Minsk, /Belarus/ 
1997 - Grand Prix of  the Second International Mark Chagal Pleine-Air.

Works were bought  by the National Art Museum, Minsk, Belarus; the Ministry of Culture Art
Stocks, Russia; the Ministry of Culture Exhibitions Board, Belarus; the Tretiakov Gollery, Moscow, Russia; the Artists Union Art  Stocks, Belarus;  the Artists Union Art Stocks,  Russia; private collections in  Belarus, England, Germany,  Israel,  the USA, France, Russia, the  Netherlands,  Poland, Slovenia, Yugoslavia.